Ken Laurence

Ken Laurence is a self taught American fashion designer from Birmingham, Alabama. He envisioned and commenced his namesake clothing brand, KENLAURENCE, with the launch of his fall 2011 collection. In 2013, Laurence decided to create visibility around his brand by auctioning for fashion related television shows. He later became a contestant on Lifetime’s television shows, Project Runway season 12 (2014), Project Runway All Stars seasons 5 (2016) and 6 (2018).

To date, Laurence is currently based in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, where he designs bespoke garments for public figures across the country. He has been featured on the pages of Marie Claire (2014) and Essence Magazine (2018). Laurence has also participated in numerous fashion shows including Philadelphia Fashion Week and Bermuda Fashion Festival as an international mentor to a local bermudian fashion designer.

KENLAURENCE is the premier lifestyle brand for the dynamic and modern woman. The philosophy of the brand juxtaposes eclectic feminine-masculinity. The brand is acknowledged for using men's tailoring, but reinterpreted though feminine details and opulent textiles. The collection enforces the contrast between two opposite worlds such as menswear and hyper-femininity. Ken Laurence's mission is to strive and create innovative high fashion clothing that empowers humanity and enable them to take on life's endeavors through fashion.